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Item #190


Learn to Skate lessons
Kettler Capitals Iceplex
Learn to Skate lessons include one LTS 7-class session at Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington, VA. Your kiddo could be the next Capitals all-star!

Item #173


One Month Enrollment wi...
Gymboree Play and Music of DC
Welcome to Gymboree! Please enjoy one month of classes and Open Gym at the DC location (2639 Connecticut Ave NW #113.)  You will have 4 classes and unlimited Open Gym to use during your month.  

Item #235

One Session of Children...
Alliance Francaise
One session of Class for Children to the Alliance Francaise de Washington, AND a family membership.  The Alliance Française offers classes for children ages 1-16. The school year is divided in 3 sessions: Fall, Winter and Spring. Ex...

Item #246

4 Art Pieces on Canvas
Lindsay Elcano
4 original art pieces on canvas created and imagined up by the Superheroes!

Item #208

Alphabet Picture
Karen Chipman, Maribel Flores, and Luz Aponte
Our preschool children formed all the letters of the alphabet to make a one-of-a-kind poster! Size: 16 X 20.

Item #5

Butterfly Garden Pots
Stephanie Schey/ Angela Allen
Following first graders IPC Unit, "I'm Alive" we used students scientific drawings of butterflies to decorate a large pot. Milkweed for butterfly habitats included!

Item #6

Butterfly Garden Pots
Alicia Ronquillo and Austin Raymond
Following first graders IPC Unit, "I'm Alive" we will use students scientific drawings of butterflies to decorate a large pot. Milkweed for butterfly habitats will be included!

Item #219

Colored Tissue Silhouettes
Yilan Li
Students will choose their favorite animals and use colored tissue paper and watercolor techniques to create their own beautiful silhouette art pieces.

Item #4

Cookie Jar with Fresh-B...
Liz Orfaly
The Squirrels made a one-of-a kind pottery cookie jar. Each child painted and decorated a cookie and signed his or her name, and mom and baker extraordinaire Brenda Zaidman has filled the jar with a fresh batch of cookies!

Item #206

DC Map Art
Julie Bowes
The second graders created watercolor artwork, cut it up, and arranged it to form the shape of DC.  Size: 18 X 24

Item #217

DC Map Art
Rachel Veclotch
The 2nd graders painted with watercolor. The artwork was then cut up and arranged to form the shape of DC. 

Item #7

Framed art project
Rebecca Courouble
This colorful piece of art represents the children flying in the sky!

Item #262

Heart Picture
Merideth Piggott-Tooke
Each Otter decorated a heart that has been placed in a 16x20" backless frame.

Item #242


Homemade Jam
Julie Bowes and Rachel Veclotch
As part of the IPC unit "What's on the Menu?" second graders worked in small groups to create jam companies. Each company made a different type of jam. At the Exit Point, students had the chance to taste each jam, then vote on a favo...

Item #245

Interactive Alphabet
Phillip Williams
The Alphabet, but with a twist! Each letter has been married with a picture of an object that begins with that letter.

Item #239

Little Free Library
Elizabeth Lusk and Vitna Bailey
The third graders worked together with CMI dad Mike Gehman to create a one-of-a-kind little library, which will be part of the Little Free Library program! Winners can keep their library or donate it back to the school. Little Free Library is a...

Item #119

Ms. Rebecca's Class Han...
Jaime Rodriguez Monzon
Ms Rebecca's Pre-K class created a cooperative art project leaving their hand prints on a canvas. The result is just spectacular! Size: 16 X 20.

Item #8

Painted Table
Lauren Leister, Carmen Smith, Shannon Stewart and Blakeley Collins
Do you want a one of a kind functional art peice in your home? Look no further than our beautiful coffee table designed and painted by the Eagles themselves! 

Item #211


Personal Goals Painting
Liz Orfaly and Lauren Leister
Ms. Orfaly's and Ms. Leister's Kindergarten classes worked with parent and artist Kate Demong to create a 24"x36" colorful, text-based acrylic painting on canvas with the IPC personal goals: Cooperation, Thoughtfulness, Resil...

Item #247

Shoot for the Stars
Kara Wolf
This artwork showcases our "stars" of the class! Each child has made a star for this class canvas.