3 Day Raw Organic Tonic Cleanse

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We are a local DC-based tonic company that uses premium all organic ingredients to make the best tasting alkaline water-based beverage for your body’s everyday needs. We keep it raw, as in made fresh daily, with real ingredients and a short shelf life. So drink up and give your body all those nutrients it craves. Whether it’s pre or post workout, as a morning or afternoon snack, you’ll find a flavor for every part of your day. By choosing Goûter, you choose the best, so now go BE the best! Our cleanses have 3 main goals: reduce acidity in your body, hydrate on a cellular level, and energize your body from the inside out. Our tonics and melks will reduce bloating and eliminate the feeling of heaviness in your gut. Although you might experience weight loss while on the cleanse, it is not the primary goal. We want you to see how great you can feel when your digestive system is given a reboot and your body is flooded with nutrients. A 32oz bottle of alkaline water is included with each of our cleanses to hydrate your body and aid in the detoxification process.


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Item Added: February 22, 2017