5 Adult Capoeira Classes
Capoeira Fitness DC/Capoeira Barro Vermelho USA

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5 adult classes of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art disguised as a dance and is performed to musical instruments and

traditional Brazilian songs. It is comprised of specific offensive and defensive movements and, unlike in other martial arts,

the participant is constantly in motion because of the basic movement, the ginga. The movements also consist of

positions on the ground, kicks, sweeps and acrobatics. Some believe that capoeira originated in Africa, others say that it

was formed in Brazil. What all agree on is that it was perfected and practiced by enslaved Africans in Brazil who used the

dance-like movements of capoeira to disguise their efforts to practice fighting, which was forbidden. Today capoeira is

practiced worldwide, from the United States, to Croatia to Indonesia and every place in between. People of all genders,

ages and nationalities practice capoeira.

Mestre Bomba is the region’s only capoeira master, which is the highest level in capoeira. He was born in Bahia, Brazil, and has practiced capoeira since 1980.  

Item Added: January 24, 2017